Matrix multiplication

Systolic Matrix Multiplier

In this tutorial, we will discuss another architecture for Matrix Multiplication. This architecture is a systolic matrix multiplier. A systolic architecture is a homogeneous network of tightly coupled data processing units. Each data processing units compute partial result independently. The systolic architectures are very suitable for implementing any kind of digital systems as they are […]

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Vector-Vector Multiplication

Apart from scalar-vector multiplication, Vector-Vector multiplication is another very important arithmetic operation in implementing signal or image processing algorithms. The matrix multiplications can also be achieved through vector-vector multiplication which is also called as inner product computation. In this tutorial, we will discuss multiplication of matrix A (6X6) with matrix B (6X6) using Vector-Vector multiplication.

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Matrix Multiplication

The signal processing algorithms or image processing algorithms deal with matrices. In every step, various matrix multiplications may be computed for evaluation of these algorithms. In implementation of these algorithms on hardware, matrix multiplication is an important operation that decides the performance of the implementations. We intentionally divides the matrix multiplication operation into three categories

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