Verilog Codes for Floating Point Arithmetic Blocks

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Here, different floating point arithmetic blocks are designed using Verilog HDL. These blocks are

  1. Floating Point Adder/Subtractor
  2. Floating Point Multiplier
  3. Floating Point Divider
  4. Floating Point Square Root
  5. Floating Point Comparison
  6. Conversion Between Fixed Point and Floating Point.
  7. Leading Zero Counter

Verilog code for all the blocks are provided here. All the blocks are designed using 16-bit word length, instead of standard single and double precision format, so that a designer can customize a block as per his/her own requirement.

1 review for Verilog Codes for Floating Point Arithmetic Blocks

  1. imnryn (verified owner)

    I have purchased this block of code. The owner have used pretty bad practice of coding.
    No comments in the .v file.
    No simulation results,
    no readme file in the zip.
    Just a bunch of .v and .txt files.


      We are sorry for the inconvenience..Detailed tutorials are available in the site that is why comments were not added…I hope you were able to simulate them….Recent codes are having detailed comments.

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