Systolic Architecture Based Matrix Multiplier Verilog Code

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Systolic matrix multiplier is very important in implementing many signal processing algorithms. Here, we are providing Verilog code for systolic matrix multiplier with test benches. First a systolic multiplier for 3×3 matrix is designed and then this design is extended for 6×6 matrix.

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3 reviews for Systolic Architecture Based Matrix Multiplier Verilog Code

  1. Pragati Sharma

    The Verilog code for systolic array multiplier really me helped me in my project. Thanks.

  2. FENG TIANYU (verified owner)

    i dont know how to download it.


      There was a small problem of verification for paypal. The users are thus directed to create an account. If payment done then just wait for some time.


      We are sorry for the problem you have faced sir. Kindly confirm if u have got the code. We will look forward to the matter and solve it.

  3. A

    This is not review but i have question. Is this code available for 4*4 matrix.


      This code is available for multiplying two 3×3 matrices or two 6×6 matrices… You can make it to multiply two 4×4 matrices

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