Intellectual Property Related

  1. How to Create and Package Custom IPs (1101 downloads)
  2. How to use DSD LABs Custom IPs (1063 downloads)

Tutorials and books on Digital VLSI Design:-

  1. Aspects of Hardware Description (1943 downloads) : by CEERI Pilani
  2. C-MOS, Digital Integrated Circuits (1836 downloads) : Sung Mo Kang and Yusuf Leblebici.
  3. C-MOS VLSI design, a circuits and system perspective (1882 downloads) : by Weste and Harris
  4. VLSI Signal processing Systems by Keshab K. Parhi (1389 downloads)

Important Books on digital system design and Verilog HDL:-

  1. A Verilog HDL primer (1969 downloads) : A very good book in learning Verilog.
  2. Verilog: Frequently Asked Questions (2085 downloads) : A Springer Publication
  3. Digital Design with introduction to Verilog (1636 downloads) : by Morris Mano
  4.   Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog (1929 downloads) : by Stephen Brown.
  5. Digital System Design using VHDL (1748 downloads) : by Charles H. Roth

Verilog Source Codes:-

  1. mux_tutorial: Mux realized in different programming styles of Verilog HDL.
  2. Combinational Circuits: Various Combinational circuits are realized in Verilog.
  3. Sequential Circuits: Various Sequential circuits are realized in Verilog.
  4. Memory Design: Verilog codes for memory blocks.
  5. System Architectures: Verilog codes for the various type of system architectures.
  6. FSM design: Verilog Codes for some FSM design examples


  1. Matlab Code to Convert from Real Floating Matlab Data to Fixed Binary Unsigned Equivalent (876 downloads) : To convert any floating data from Matlab to a fixed point binary equivalent in unsigned radix.
  2. Matlab Function to Convert to Float Data from Binary Decimal Data (802 downloads) : To convert any data that came from FPGA to real data to compare with Matlab results.
  3. Matlab code to Convert Binary Unsigned data to Hexadecimal Data (1068 downloads) : To convert any binary unsigned decimal data to hexadecimal data o load to FPGA. Floating data also can be directly converted to Hex data.
  4. DCT Implementation in Matlab Without Function (1064 downloads) : Implementation of DCT without Matlab inbuilt function which helps easy hardware implementation.
  5. Pre-Emphasis Filter Design using Verilog (1097 downloads) : Test Design files where a pre-emphasis filter is implemented using Verilog in Vivado.
  6. Matlab Code for Principal Component Analysis (119 downloads) : Matlab implementation of PCA.
  7. Matlab Code for Gram-Schimdt Algorithm Based QR Factorization (111 downloads) : Matlab implementation of Modified Gram-Schimdt Algorithm based QR Decomposition
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