Array Multiplier

Signed Array Multiplier

In the previous tutorials, a scheme of Unsigned Array Multiplier is discussed. Unsigned Array Multiplier may be useful when we are concerned only about unsigned numbers. But in majority of digital systems, operands can be signed or unsigned and thus a dedicated signed array multiplier is needed. This signed array multiplier can perform multiplication for …

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Fast Multiplication

The fast multiplication can be achieved in three general ways. The sequential multipliers sequentially generates the partial products and adds them with the previously stored partial products. In the second method, high speed parallel multipliers generate the partial products in parallel and adds them by a fast multi-operand adder. The third method corresponds to use …

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Unsigned Array Multiplier

Array multiplier is very popular for multiplication of binary numbers. Array multiplier resembles the pen and paper method of multiplication process. Array multiplication process for two 4-bit unsigned numbers a and b is shown below. On the contrary to the sequential multiplier, array multiplier is parallel. A array of full adders are used for the …

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