Placement and Routing for ASIC

The previous tutorials [Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2] are on the simulation and synthesis of Verilog files. In addition to these we have also performed linting, code coverage, logic equivalence check, DFT, ATPG, power analysis and Timing analysis using CADENCE and SYNOPSYS tools. Till now we have not discussed anything about the step Placement and Routing …

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ASIC Tutorials I

Here, we will discuss the tutorials on how to synthesize a Verilog code starting from simulation, syntax checking, code coverage using CADENCE EDA tool. Basic Simulation on CADENCE Linting Code Coverage Logic Equivalence Check Genus Synthesis without Constraints Genus Synthesis with Constraints Genus Synthesis using Scripts Static Timing Analysis using Cadence Tempus +10

GENUS Synthesis With Constraints

This tutorial is in continuation with our previous tutorial on Genus Synthesis Without Constraints (Timing Constraints). The timing constraints are written in Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) file. 1. Open the terminal and type csh 2. Source the cadence.cshrc. 3. In ASIC lab folder, make a new directory. In this, make design.v (in this example counter.v). …

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Logic Equivalence Checking

Logic Equivalence Checking is a very important step to be performed after synthesis step. This operation checks for similarity between the original code and the synthesis Netlist. This operation is important as the synthesis tool may trim or remove some unused and unconnected ports and redundant logics. The steps of performing Logic Equivalence Checking in …

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Code Coverage

Code coverage is a basic coverage type which is collected automatically. It tells you how well your HDL code has been exercised by your test bench. In other words, how thoroughly the design has been executed by the simulator using the tests used in the regression. Functional coverage measures how well the functionality of the …

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Basic Simulation on CADENCE

This tutorial is on functional simulation of digital circuits on Genus tool of CADENCE software for ASIC Implementation. Open the terminal Source the cadence.cshrc Check whether the commands are working as below: – Create a directory for saving files as below Create design_file.v as shown below: – (gedit counter.v) Check the syntax of design.v (in …

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