FPGA: Basic Overview

An FPGA is a device that contains a matrix of reconfigurable gate array logic circuitry. When a FPGA is configured, the internal circuitry is connected in a way that creates a hardware implementation of the software application. Unlike processors, FPGAs use dedicated hardware for processing logic and do not have an operating system. FPGAs are […]

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FPGA Implementation of Frequency Domain Denoising Filters

DIGITAL image processing is an ever expanding and dynamic area with applications reaching out into our everyday life such as medicine, space exploration, surveillance, authentication, automated industry inspection and many more areas. These applications involve different processes like image enhancement, image restoration and object detection. During image acquisition and processing images are often corrupted by

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Over the past several years, digital system design has become dominant in the field of VLSI design for relatively high performance and cost-effective VLSI circuits. The revolutionary nature of these developments is understood by the rapid growth in implementation of systems on a single chip (SoCs). Instead of fabricating discrete components industries are preferring production

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