GENUS Synthesis Without Constraints

ASIC Tutorials I

Here, we will discuss the tutorials on how to synthesize a Verilog code starting from simulation, syntax checking, code coverage using CADENCE EDA tool. Basic Simulation on CADENCE Linting Code Coverage Logic Equivalence Check Genus Synthesis without Constraints Genus Synthesis with Constraints Genus Synthesis using Scripts Static Timing Analysis using Cadence Tempus +10

GENUS Synthesis With Constraints

This tutorial is in continuation with our previous tutorial on Genus Synthesis Without Constraints (Timing Constraints). The timing constraints are written in Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) file. 1. Open the terminal and type csh 2. Source the cadence.cshrc. 3. In ASIC lab folder, make a new directory. In this, make design.v (in this example counter.v). …

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GENUS Synthesis Without Constraints

In this tutorial Cadence GENUS Synthesis without Constraints is presented. 1. Open the terminal and type csh 2. Source the cadence.cshrc. After sourcing the file, check whether genus is installed in the current system or not by typing the below command [sudi@sankh] genus –gui 7. Minimize the gui and follow below instructions, mentioning the proper …

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