Placement and Routing using INNOVUS

In the previous three tutorials, we have learned how prepare the files which are needed to start the placement and routing using INNOVUS. In this tutorial, a basic tutorial on how to perform placement and routing using INNOVUS is given. This is a very fundamental and only covers the basic ideas and follows the tutorial […]

I/O file setup for PnR using INNOVUS

In the previous tutorial on Placement And Routing For ASIC, we have seen that one I/O file is also important.  This tutorial is on I/O file setup for PnR using INNOVUS.  An I/O file is for custom arrangement of I/O pins and I/O pads. This file is optional if the final sign-off analysis is not […]

Placement and Routing for ASIC

The previous tutorials [Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2] are on the simulation and synthesis of Verilog files. In addition to these we have also performed linting, code coverage, logic equivalence check, DFT, ATPG, power analysis and Timing analysis using CADENCE and SYNOPSYS tools. Till now we have not discussed anything about the step Placement and Routing […]