FPGA Interfacing

  1. Serial UART interface is very popular in interfacing a Computer with an FPGA kit. UART is explained in various websites thus only the code is given here. Click here to download the code.
  2. In a real time demonstration of an FPGA implementation of a complete system, it is often required to show the FPGA output on CRO screen. FPGA to DAC interfacing is very much in this case. Please click here to download the code.
  3. Some times we often want to show the real time acquired results in a LCD. Many FPGA kits are connected to a LCD device. Interfacing to the FPGA is done by writing a HDL code. Here is a code to interface interface the LCD device of Spartan 3e kit. Please click here to download the code.
  4. Stepper motor is not like as any other motor which means is not rotating continuously. It is rotating step by step according to given electrical pulse. Thus FPGA device can be used to generate those pulses to control the stepper motor. Here is a tutorial with Verilog code for interfacing a stepper motor with FPGA.
  5. Interfacing VGA display with FPGA – Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a video display standard. It provides a simple method to connect a system with a monitor for showing information or images. This post describes how to interface VGA display with an FPGA device.
  6. Interfacing ADC with FPGA : – Interfacing an ADC chip with FPGA board is very important for real time demonstration of digital systems implemented on FPGA. Here in this tutorial, we have provided a tutorial on how to interface an ADC chip with FPGA. A FSM based Verilog code is written to interface the ADC chip (MCP3008).

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