Matrix Multiplication

The signal processing algorithms or image processing algorithms deal with matrices. In every step, various matrix multiplications may be computed for evaluation of these algorithms. In implementation of these algorithms on hardware, matrix multiplication is an important operation that decides the performance of the implementations. We intentionally divides the matrix multiplication operation into three categories […]

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VEDIC Arithmetic Blocks

Ancient Indian VEDIC Mathematics consists of sixteen mathematical formulae reconstructed from the Atharvaveda. It is recognized as an a efficient technique for enhancing the mathematical skills of students. The arithmetic operations like multiplication, division, square root, cubing, squaring and finding cube root are time consuming processes for machineas well as man. VEDIC mathematics results in

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The basic building blocks of digital systems are explained in the previous tutorials. In this tutorial section, we will go through designing the complex architectures. We will start by implementing the basic designs and then we will implement more complex designs. Concurrently we will evaluate the performance of the designs in terms of timing, hardware

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