Marge Parallel Sort

Marge parallel sort is based on dividing the array of numbers into sub arrays and then marging them one by one. Here a parallel sorting structure is shown for n = 8 based on Marge sort technique. This sort structure is hardware efficient than the other parallel structures discussed previously. First the array of four elements are sorted and then the sorted arrays are sorted. The sort structure is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1: Marge Parallel Sort

This structure consumes total 19 basic node blocks compared to the other two parallel structures. The sort block for n=4 is shown in dotted box. The structure of the BN block is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2: BN block
Verilog Code of Marge Parallel sort (645 downloads)
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    1. For n=12, more BN blocks will be required. If you require sorting algorithm for n=12 then do not go for these type of structure as they require many resources. Search alternative like use a parallel block for n=4 then use it in a loop several times.

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