CORDIC Based Multiplication and Division Verilog Code

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CORDIC algorithm is very useful in computing different arithmetic functions by a single hardware. Here CORDIC is implemented using Verilog in linear path. In linear path, CORDIC can be used for two operations, multiplication and division. Here, CORDIC block is designed for 16-bit data width and can compute both the operations using a control signal.

2 reviews for CORDIC Based Multiplication and Division Verilog Code

  1. Parvathy Nair (verified owner)

    can include a README file
    i feel like this code is wrong,i am not getting the multiplied anser


      The code is not wrong. It is fully verified. Before going for simulating the code you must go through the basic principles of CORDIC. CORDIC multiplier or divider is not same as regular multipliers.


      Yes we will surely think of adding a readme doc with any product.

  2. Parvathy Nair (verified owner)

    money wasted


      Dera Parvathy, Give some time to understand the CORDIC theory and then try to do simulation again. Code is not wrong and many scholars have used it. If feel again that code is wrong then I will be free to refund your money.

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