DAC Breakout Board for MCP4922

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  1. Breakout board for MCP4922 DAC
  2. PMOD connector available
  3. Option for external reference voltage along with 3.3 V
  4. Option for external Vdd along with 3.3 V
  5. Free Verilog HDL code provided
  6. Shipping is free
  7. PCB material GESS 1.6 mm, Finish – SMOBC/I

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MCP4922 is a low cost 12-bit buffered voltage output DAC by Microchip. This IC has has two output channels A and B. Both channels have provision for giving separate reference voltages. MCP4922 IC is interfaced with SPI protocol. Voltage range for this IC is 2.7 to 5.5 V. This DAC has 20 MHz clock support for SPI interface. DAC Breakout Board for MCP4922  is designed so that this IC can be easily used.

DAC Breakout Board for MCP4922 can be used in many applications where a digital signal needs to be converted to analog domain. Such that if anyone wants to display sinusoidal signal into an CRO or any output from an FPGA to the DSO. The breakout board for MCP4922 has option for giving separate reference voltages and separate VDD.

In order to interface this board with FPGA boards a PMOD connector is provided which helps interfacing this board easily. Along with this board, we are also providing free Verilog HDL code to interface this board with any FPGA Boards.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 2.85 × 1 cm

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